Site Acquisition Services

Site Acquisition and Leasing

Catalyst Network Services, LLC, specializes in site acquisition for wireless communications facilities. Our team has been involved in the acquisition and zoning of over 25,000 cell sites. Our site acquisition professionals are dispersed nationwide and have knowledge of local markets. Catalyst has particular expertise in choosing buildable sites and in expediting lease negotiations. Our tracking and reporting tool provides real time data and ad hoc reporting to our clients on lease status and forecasted completions. The Catalyst team is experienced in both new build sites and modifications, and has experience in bulk processing of inbound collocations.

  • Site identification
  • Timely and accurate site candidate packages
  • Expedited lease negotiations
  • Real-time tracking of progress and milestones
  • Capabilities for review of lease and title
  • Experience in bulk processing collocation applications
  • Experience in new build, modification, small cell, and DAS leasing

Zoning and Permitting

Catalyst Network Services, LLC offers complete zoning services, from initial zoning assessment through final approval. Our land use professionals are experienced in all aspects of zoning, understand the zoning process and have the ability to deal with difficult jurisdictions and outside consultants. As zoning services are important to the timeline of a project, our teams take special care to file complete submittals, secure the earliest possible hearing dates and provide the documentation and testimony necessary to avoid delays. Our team members are trained to minimize or avoid zoning whenever possible. Our permit teams strive to expedite the process through complete filings, regular follow-up and excellent communication with municipalities.

  • Market assessments and strategies
  • Site specific zoning reviews to minimize or avoid zoning
  • Expert representation during the filing stage and at public meetings when zoning is necessary
  • Expedited building permit filings and approvals

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Lease Management Services

Catalyst Network Services, LLC offers lease management services during all stages of the life of a wireless lease, from initial abstractions through all aspects of turnkey lease management. Our teams have provided both turnkey lease management and abstraction services to major wireless carriers on a nationwide basis, managing all lease administration aspects of up to 40,000 wireless leases. Our teams are scalable and familiar with a variety of lease management software. We have utilized a real-time reporting system, designed to standardize lease management processes, assist in landlord communication and reduce leasing issue timelines.

  • Issuance of trouble tickets
  • Lease abstraction and critical issue analysis
  • Real time reporting system
  • MLA management and reconciliation
  • Payment processing
  • Lease renewal/Amendments
  • Renegotiation of expiring leases
  • Landlord notices/Rent issue resolution
  • Bulk processing of inbound collocations
  • Tower owner inventory and accounts receivable audits
  • Landlord relations and call center management

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Due Diligence

Catalyst Network Services, LLC offers due diligence services from site audits through entire portfolio document review. Our team has completed multiple due diligence reviews on thousands of wireless site locations. Knowledge obtained through this process ensures an accurate understanding of value and risk. Our in- depth understanding of the due diligence process includes lease reviews, financial analysis, site inspections/audits, abstractions, title reviews, and environmental and regulatory reviews.

  • Portfolio Assessment to properly evaluate assets
  • Minimize and Classify Risk
  • Maximize Value

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The Value of Experience

Our model unites the power of a national presence with local execution. With our network of qualified partners, Catalyst Network Services serves clients throughout the United States, providing an effective national program while leveraging local experience.
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